Foundry assistance experience in record time - CN METAL foundry products

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Foundry assistance experience in record time

Metals-Foundry products
CN Metal is an average-sized company in the segment of products and equipment for non-ferrous metal foundries,
that has obtained interesting results as from 1998 in a difficult and competitive environment
where many multinational companies operate.

The company has its headquarters in Casalmoro near Mantua
Competent and motivated Staff, we work also with a network of expert technical consulants in the field
We are an agile and dynamic company, now we are working to strengthen the sales agent structure, especially abroad
We have refined the specialization by identifying ourselves as much as possible in the foundry mentality even small
or very small dimension this has led us to consolidate the relationship with the old customers  
in the local area and to expand the sphere of interest outside the national borders
starting from Europe and gradually entering in others area as well

We have recently created a department with machine tools and CNC machining centers specifically dedicated to production
of copper and steel pistons and various types of spare parts for machines and diecasting plants

We are pleased to improve from year to year our turnover
and at the same time we try to fullfill all steps to achieve the highest qulity levels  

Always certificated ISO 9001


High specialization,  Easy operating system and Competitiveness

Metals-Foundry products

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00 a.m.  1:00-5:00 p.m.

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 1998 - 2018

Via del lavoro, 18
Tel +39 0376 737610

Via del lavoro, 18
Tel +39 0376 737610
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