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Plunger Tips and Rings

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Diecasting plunger
Tips & R ings

Production of high-quality die-casting pistons in special alloys
such as CuCo2Be copper , CuNiSiCr copper and Steel with hardening heat treatment
dimensions from diam.50 to diam.180 mm
Rings in CuCo2Be copper alloy and  heat treated Steel
Possibility to assemble pistons directly on the stem with traditional thread connection
or with bayonet-type connection
Standard diameters and lengths or custom made
Material analysis certificates available on request

Production pistons

plunger for foundry.JPG

Hardness checking HB

test brinell.png

Cutting copper and steel parts



piston milling.jpg

Die casting plunger

die casting plunger.JPG

Piston ring for foundry

pistong ring for foundry plunger.JPG
steel piston die casting.JPG

Piston with nitriding and oxidation

piston with nitriding and oxidation.jpg

Tongs for ring replacement

tong for ring substitution .jpg

CuBeCo or CuNiCrSi sleeves bushing spare part die casting

copper sleeves bushing.jpeg
Piston dia.170 x 190

GRINDING We perform the service of grinding .

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