Foundry products die casting spare parts CN Metal Foundry products - CN METAL foundry products

CN Metal Foundry products - CN METAL foundry products

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Metals-Foundry products

Products and equipment
for non-ferrous metal foundry
Thirty years of experience in the brench of the owner Mr.Ottavio Chizzolini
has allowd us to acquire a perfect knowledge in the sector
which has placed CN METAL among the more important operators on an international level

Each product is the result of a careful mediation
between the need to guarantee a high quality and the need of low cost

Establish the best feeling with our customers trying to anticipate their needs
taking into account the true reality of the foundry that first of all needs to grow in competitiveness
at every level without complex procedures or often redundant technical equipment that put spanner in the works
fot the sole purpose of justifying ther high costs
Our products

The range of our offer on the market includes accessories and spare parts for diecasting
and gravity foundry, degassing, mixing and lubrication systems,
preheating ladles, flow spreader, fluxes, salts, release agents, greases, lubricant and protective paints

Direct production of copper and steel pistons and various types of spare parts for machines and die casting plants


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           Pellachin Giovanni
         Tel.:+39  0376-737610
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            Martini Simone
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           Chizzolini Nicholas
         Tel.:+39  0376-737610
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        Centre - South Italy
        Del Ponte Antonello
    Cell.: +39 333-2277123
        Siamak Shokri
Cell.ITALY: +39 327-0676261
Cell.IRAN:  +98 912-3272945
   North Italy - Foreign
            Chizzolini Ottavio
       Cell.: +39 335-7522132

Where we are

Via del lavoro, 18
46040 Casalmoro (Mn)
Metals-Foundry products

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00 a.m.  1:00-5:00 p.m.

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Via del lavoro, 18
Tel +39 0376 737610

Via del lavoro, 18
Tel +39 0376 737610
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